6 Ways to Deal With Kids Stress

Kids stress is one of those things that when detected early can be easy to manage. Check out a few ways to deal with it in this post.

Orlando mom blogger Bianca Dottin shares tips for how to deal with kids stress

Childhood is often associated with terms like carefree, stress-free, fun and positive. Guess what? Kids experience stress too. Just like adults, kids too have to deal with stress. They might not be able to label their emotions like stress, but at some point in their life they go through it just like us.

Have your kids ever been stressed? T gets stressed from time to time. With so many changes going on, I can definitely understand why. The older she gets the more in tune she is with different situations. We recently made the switch to homeschooling which is a major change for us.

Whenever T is dealing with stress, these things seem to help.

6 Ways to Deal With Kids Stress

1. Spend time with your kids and listen to them

One of the best ways to help stressed kids is to spend time with them. Don’t scold them or argue with them. Just sit with them and listen to their issues. You want to make sure that you’re expressing your understanding for what they’re going through and that you’re a support person they can count on. Offer them solutions to their problems. Ask them if they have any solutions that they think might help make things better. 

2. Avoid the hectic schedules

A full day at school can itself be stressful for the kids. On top of that, they also have to attend a sports class, dance class, tuitions, etc. Such a busy schedule can be a reason for your child’s stress. Therefore try to simplify your kid’s schedule. It’s okay if he or she doesn’t attend his/her sports class for one day. Just make sure to let your child live and not become a part of the rat race so early in his or her life.

3. Sleep is the key to a no stress life

Sleep is essential not only for adults but also for kids. If a kid doesn’t get proper sleep, he or she will naturally become irritated and frustrated. This can lead to an increase in his or her stress. Not getting enough sleep is a major stressor in our home for everyone. It’s so important that T gets a good night’s rest or she will be cranky for the entire day. She’ll end up taking a nap at some point throughout the day and it’s just a vicious cycle. Making sure that your child gets enough sleep for their age is essential to their happiness.

Orlando mom blogger Bianca Dottin shares tips for how to deal with kids stress

4. Maintain a positive environment

A stressed or negative environment at home can lead to stress in kids. Make sure there are happy and positive conversations in the family. Make it a habit that your kids spend the right amount of time with the entire family, especially when they are small. A good and positive environment will lead to less stress in kids.

5. Have regular relaxing activities in your house

You can’t control the day-to-day life of your kids. They have to go to school. They have to meet their friends. Similarly, they have to deal with stress at some point in their life. Planning relaxing activities can be helpful. Once in a week or once in a month, try to have a small outing where the entire family goes out. Daily walk after dinner can also be helpful. You can also encourage your kids to do a little bit of yoga for a stress-free life.

6. Seek help

If you find that your kids struggling with coping with their stress, seek help for them. Counseling or one-on-one therapy sessions  can help tremendously. A licensed mental health therapist can help your child find the best way to cope with stress for them.

Orlando mom blogger Bianca Dottin shares tips for how to deal with kids stress Orlando mom blogger Bianca Dottin shares tips for how to deal with kids stress Orlando mom blogger Bianca Dottin shares tips for how to deal with kids stress

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