5 Reasons You Should Consider Alternative Smartphones for Kids

Say bye bye to the flip phones and smartphones, and opt for this smartphone alternative instead. We received complimentary products to feature in this post about alternative smartphones for kids. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

relay smartphone alternative for kids

I was 16 years old before I got my first cell phone. Being able to talk to my friends whenever I wanted was completely amazing. T has been asking for a cell phone for a few months now. A few of her friends have cell phones so of course now everyone just has to have one. Honestly we just can’t bring ourselves to buy her one. She’s with us most of the time so she’s never needed to have a cell phone. We wanted to give her a chance to test her responsibility before we made the big jump for a real cell phone so we opted for Relay, a one-button smartphone alternative instead.

5 Reasons You Should Consider Alternative Smartphones for Kids

1. Less screen time

Do you struggle with keeping your kids off of social media and from in front of the screen? So many parents struggle with this. We have rules in our house around how much screen time Tatiana is allowed to have every day. I recently read a survey that revealed kids as young as 6 spend up to 33 hours a week dedicated to screen time. That’s insane! With the Relay device, there is no screen. Your kids can’t hop on social media or spend hours on end on their phones.

2. A front camera or any camera at all isn’t an option

I know you’re probably thinking that not having a camera isn’t a good thing but it really is. Without a camera, your kids won’t have the ability to send unapproved photos to friends or post them online.

3. It’s light

Smartphones can be bulky and heavy especially for kids. One of the things that I love most about the Relay is that it’s lightweight. T can carry it around without adding too much extra weight to her bag. If your kids are smaller then this is the perfect light phone for them.

4. The battery life is great

I’m obsessed with battery life when I’m buying any sort of tech gadgets for our family. We’re always on the go so I want to make sure that all of our devices have a long battery life. The only thing that I wish Relay had was a car charger accessory. It would come in handy when we’re traveling.

5. It’s affordable

When searching for a smartphone alternative, price was one of the top things we considered. Having a cell phone is a privilege and comes with a hefty price tag. We wanted to make sure that we kept cost into consideration so that we stayed within budget. The Starter Pack is perfect for a smaller family. It comes with 2 devices for only $149. I love that they have a variety of colors to choose from. After buying the devices, you only pay $6.99 a month for service of each device. The Relays are a super affordable option for our family.

Relay features you’ll really love

  • 4G LTE + WiFi
  • GPS enabled
  • Safe + secure network
  • Parental controls

One thing to note is that Relay works virtually anywhere as long as access to the internet for WiFi or a cell phone signal is available.

kid phone alternative relay alternative smartphone for kids

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