First Timer’s Guide to Epcot Flower and Garden Festival

This first timer’s guide to Epcot Flower and Garden Festival was written in partnership with Walt Disney World.

First Timer's Guide to Epcot Flower and Garden Festival - Bianca Dottin

A few days ago Tatiana and I got to experience Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival for the first time ever. This was our second time visiting Disney this year since we had just gone to celebrate her 7thbirthday and our first time ever to Epcot. I wasn’t sure what to expect when we got there. It was magical. The entire park was filled with beautiful flowers and fun activities were everywhere you turned.

The Festival was a learning experience for us too. Tatiana just so happened to be on Spring Break during this trip but she learned so much and was interested in everything. I was amazed at how much information she soaked up. Did you know that fresh edible flowers and food is grown in the creative greenhouse for Epcot and area restaurants? Nope, neither did I.  On the Behind the Seeds tour, we learned about all of the foods that Disney grows on the grounds for their restaurants. We even tasted some of it too. Winter melons can grow up to 75lb and can last through an entire winter, hence the name. Disney even harvests their own fish.

If you’re first timers like us, here’s a few tips to keep in mind when you’re headed for your first Flower & Garden Festival experience.

Tips for First Timers to Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival

1. Map out a plan

Epcot, like any other Disney Park is filled with rides and activities to do. If you’ve never been you can get easily overwhelmed. Before even heading to the park, you want to make sure that you map out a plan of what your day will look like once you arrive. This will help you to know what you want to do and what area of the park it’s in. The butterfly garden is a must!

2. Set your priorities

After you’ve got an entire plan mapped out, take a moment to think about what things you absolutely have to do/see on this visit in case you can’t get to everything. Start with rides/attractions that you know are a must then jot down the food that’s on the top of your list. If you’re in need of the break, the interactive play gardens are the perfect place to rest while the kids play.

3. Get all the fast passes you can

After you’ve decided what day you’ll be headed to Disney and you’ve made a priority list of rides, getting fast passes will be the next thing that you’ll want to do. A fast pass will help you to skip the line and get straight to the fun! Okay, there might be a little wait but nothing too crazy.

4. Download the Disney App

The Disney App is an absolute life saver! Not only can you reserve fast passes straight from your phone but you can do so much more. You can find the nearest restroom, figure out what ride you want to get on next, make restaurant reservations, and so much more.

5. Don’t forget to set a budget

There is no shortage of food at the Flower & Garden Festival. Our mouth was watering in every country we visited. One of my key tips when visiting any theme park is to always pack loads of water to cut costs and trust me, you’ll want to do that on this trip too! Why? Because you’ll want to spend all of that extra money on the deliciousness that the Flower & Garden Festival has to offer, not on basic water.

Absolute Food Must-Haves

Since we’re talking food, let’s dive into a few of our favorites. Tatiana and my husband are such picky eaters so when either of them finds something that they love when we’re on vacation, I’m grateful. It was hard to narrow this list down to just a few but we managed to get it down to our top 4 favorites. If you can’t decide on what to try at the Flower & Garden Festival, this is where you need to start.

  1. Violet Lemonade
  2. Beef & Rice
  3. Shrimp & Grits
  4. Cheesecake w/ ice cream

First Timer's Guide to Epcot Flower and Garden Festival - Bianca Dottin First Timer's Guide to Epcot Flower and Garden Festival - Bianca Dottin First Timer's Guide to Epcot Flower and Garden Festival - Bianca Dottin First Timer's Guide to Epcot Flower and Garden Festival - Bianca Dottin First Timer's Guide to Epcot Flower and Garden Festival - Bianca Dottin

Our Top 5 Favorite Topiaries

Epcot Flower and Garden Festival boasts over 100 topiaries that you could seriously spend hours gawking over. It is just incredibly jaw-dropping at how the artist makes our favorite Disney characters come to life with each and every piece. We got to stop and take photos of a bunch of our favorites but we narrowed our list of favorites down to 5!

  1. Winnie the Pooh
  2. Captain Hook
  3. Seven Dwarfs
  4. Lightning McQueen
  5. Belle & Beast

This year Epcot is celebrating 25 years of the Flower and Garden Festival. There are so many amazing things in store for this year’s festival that you don’t want to miss it. You’ve got until May 28th so make sure you check it out. I promise it’s worth it!

First Timer's Guide to Epcot Flower and Garden Festival - Bianca Dottin

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  • Reply
    Melissa Chapman
    04.07.18 at 12:19 am

    That was such a different twist on a Disney vacation. Those topiaries were true works of art and the food looked gourmet all the way.

  • Reply
    Rhonda Brown
    04.07.18 at 12:27 am

    How much fun you all must have had! I’m interested in the shrimp-n-grits! All of the flowers and creations are simply wonderful!

  • Reply
    04.07.18 at 2:07 am

    Oh wow. I have yet to make it to Disney. I would love to visit during the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival. I can just imagine all of the work that went into those topiaries.

  • Reply
    Claudia Krusch
    04.07.18 at 2:56 am

    Loved reading your post! We love Epcot in the Spring! Such beautiful flowers!

  • Reply
    04.07.18 at 3:28 am

    Such a fun experience. Unique for all disney fans.

  • Reply
    04.07.18 at 7:19 am

    So fun! I love Disney and wish we could go more often. That’s the downfall of living so far away.

  • Reply
    Shelley R Zurek
    04.08.18 at 5:01 am

    I have never been to this but it looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing your photos. I will have to put it on my calendar for the future.

  • Reply
    Reesa Lewandowski
    04.08.18 at 5:52 pm

    We just came back from Disney and I loved the Flower & Garden Festival. It was amazing to see what they were able to do !

  • Reply
    04.09.18 at 4:15 am

    We went to Flower & Garden early in March and had a great time. Nice photos!

  • Reply
    Nancy at Whispered Inspirations
    04.09.18 at 1:49 pm

    This is such a wonderful and beautiful festival to attend. Disney is so amazing.

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