Back to School Hacks

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back to school hacks with brawny

Is anyone else counting down the days until their kids go back to school? Summertime is so much fun for us, but starting school is probably our favorite time of year. T has an absolute love for learning that is immeasurable. We recently started homeschooling, and even though our schedule is a bit different now, we still try to keep some of the same routines that we had before. These back to school hacks will make going back to school a breeze.

Back to School Hacks

1. Create a routine for each child

Checklists have worked wonders for us at home. Creating a checklist with your child’s before school and after school routine can help keep things streamlined and avoid any meltdowns during the school year. Once each checklist is created, laminate each one so that the tasks can easily be marked off as they go along.

2. Turn your entryway or mudroom into a command center

How many times have your kids come home and thrown their backpacks and lunchboxes all throughout the house? I think we’ve all been there. Turning your entryway or garage mudroom into a command center can help to keep things organized. Stock the command center with bins for each child to store their things. Keep things like Brawny® Tear-A-Square® paper towels on hand in your command center to clean messy hands and messes before entering your home.

3. Organize your pantry into an assembly line

If your kids pack lunches, it would be a great idea to sort and organize your pantry into somewhat of an assembly line to make packing lunches easier. Create labeled bins for snacks, drinks, and anything else they’ll need in their lunchboxes. Brawny® Tear-A-Square® paper towels are a go-to in our home because they are able to be torn into quarter-sized sheets to minimize waste. When I’m packing lunches, I can easily grab a quarter-sized sheet and pack it into T’s lunch box. Taking it a step further and creating a lunch and snack menu for each week is something I love to do, too.

4. Pre-plan outfits

Taking the time over the weekend to pre-plan outfits for the week can cut down on time in the morning. Set aside at least 5 outfits for the week, including socks and shoes. Every day of the week, your child will be able to easily dress themselves every morning without a fuss.

5. Make an art station

An art station with supplies for school projects and after school crafts can keep your child entertained once homework is done. Stock it with things like their favorite crayons, paints, and coloring sheets. Keep the essentials like glue sticks and scissors at the art station as well. Don’t forget to stock Brawny® Tear-A-Square® paper towels, too. Having them on hand can make cleaning up any messes quick and easy.

brawny tear-a-square
brawny tear-a-square
art station for crafts
brawny tear-a-square

What are some of your go-to back to school hacks?

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