The Importance of Having a Weekly Family Routine

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weekly family routine

Weekends for us are all about having fun but once Sunday rolls around it’s time to get our preparation for the week started. Does your family have a weekly family routine? Sunday prep for us includes all of the things that can help make our week easier. It includes laundry, outfit planning, and meal prepping. Sometimes my family needs a little incentive to get them started. Pillsbury Sweet Biscuits with Icing from Publix are the best way to get my family going with our to-do list.

Weekly Family Routine Tasks

pillsbury sweet biscuits

1. Start your morning with a hearty breakfast

Before our family gets started with any tasks, we sit down and enjoy a full breakfast together. Think sausage, eggs, and the best part, Pillsbury Sweet Biscuits! I love serving the Pillsbury Sweet Biscuits with Icing and chocolate chips. They’re always gone within minutes of hitting the table. A great hearty breakfast is the best way to kick off the day and to get my family to be productive.

2. Make a to-do list

Delegating is the only way to get things done in my house. After breakfast we create a to-do list of everything that needs to be done that day and split the tasks. Things like laundry and outfit planning we tackle as a family because it makes it much more fun. Once our list is made, we turn on some music and tackle every item on the list until it’s complete.

3. Plan your outfits for the week

Planning outfits for every day of the week saves so much time during the week. While we’re washing and folding laundry, we take a few extra minutes to plan outfits and set them aside.

4. Meal plan and prep

The day I started meal planning and prepping was when mom life got so much for me. I plan out an entire week, sometimes even a month, worth of meals at a time. I make sure to include the 3 major meals plus snacks. Pillsbury Sweet Biscuits with Icing is on our breakfast menu at least a few times a week.

5. Coordinate your family’s schedule

Do your kids have a crazy schedule filled with after school activities and clubs? Coordinating your family’s schedule before you go into a new week can help relieve some chaos. Create a shared calendar that everyone has access to and go over it before you start every week. It can help so that no one is being over scheduled and you’re not missing anything important.

weekly family routine

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