25 Things You’ll Love About Mizani’s Miracle Milk

Mizani 25 Miracle Milk is a lightweight leave-in conditioner that contains coconut oil and fennel seed extract. This post is written in partnership with Mizani.25 Things You'll Love About Mizani's Miracle Milk - Bianca Dottin

Hair products are something that I love! I could literally probably open my own store with all of the hair products that I have. So when I got a few Mizani products at Premiere to review, I was super excited! Mizani is a brand that I grew up with. My mom and my sister used it, and I would always see it in the hair salons as a kid. The brand has been around for years so I was happy to see that they came out with a new line and products.

Mizani Miracle Milk

I was sent the Butter Blend Moisture Whip, 25 Miracle Milk, Edge Taming Gel, Supreme Oil, and Lacers to review. Out of all of these products, the 25 Miracle Milk is hands down my favorite. I’ll admit that I was a little skeptical at first because I didn’t think that one product could have so many benefits, but it can!

Mizani 25 Miracle Milk is a lightweight leave-in conditioner that contains coconut oil and fennel seed extract. It smells heavenly and you’ll fall in love with it.

25 Reasons You’ll Love Mizani Miracle Milk

1. It detangles / 2. Cuts drying time / 3. Controls fly-aways / 4. Helps prevent heat damage / 5. Reduces dryness / 6. Helps shields against external aggressors / 7. Adds smoothness / 8. Helps prevent split ends / 9. Improves manageability / 10. Primes hair for styling / 11. Aids in restoring softness / 12. Helps seal the cuticle / 13. It’s an ideal cutting lotion / 14. Safe for relaxed hair / 15. Makes blow-drying easier / 16. Helps even out porous hair / 17. Safe for color-treated hair / 18. Nourishing leave-in conditioner / 19. Gives a silky touch / 20. Helps control frizz / 21. Helps protect your hair during brushing / 22. Lightweight results / 23. It can be used as a style refresher / 24. Helps condition transitioning hair / 25. You’ll see instant results!

It’s crazy that this little bottle could have so many benefits, right? So, of course I tested all of these things out and found that these things are in fact true. I tested the 25 Miracle Milk out on both myself and Tatiana. I absolutely loved it! It smells great and works well with our hair.

I used the Mizani lacers to try out a new style called the Top Knot on Tatiana that I had learned at the Mizani booth at Premiere. I loved how super simple it was to style her hair with the lacers, and the great thing about them is that she can sleep in them without any hassle because they are made out of foam. Her style came out pretty well, but wasn’t completely dry.

The Bottom Line

I used the 25 Miracle Milk to blow out my hair and I was amazed by the results! It reduced the drying time and made my hair feel silky smooth. I’m super happy about anything that can reduce drying time without having to use chemicals. 25 Miracle Milk will definitely be my go-to when blowing out my hair from now on!

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