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OSJ Food Tour | Elle B Styles

Hey y’all! It’s officially been a few weeks since I came back from Puerto Rico. Although I’m a little sad to be back, I’m super excited to share with you one of my favorite things that we did while on vacation. Now we all know that I love to eat! When planning our trip, I came across the Flavors of San Juan Food Tours. I instantly knew that we had to do a food tour! We had two options to choose from: Old San Juan Food Tour and the Boozy Bites Rum Tasting. Of course we chose the Old San Juan Food Tour because I’m not much of a drinker and I’m all about the food. However, both options are great and will leave you happy and full at the end.

For the Old San Juan Food tour, you can choose a 10am or 3pm time. We chose 10am to beat the heat or at least try, but once the tour started the heat didn’t even matter. We met the tour guide and other guests in a square in Old San Juan where there was the coolest giraffe/cat sculpture. Once everyone arrived, we kicked off on our 3 mile tour of the city and some of the best eateries.

Our first stop was Aromas Coffeehouse. There we indulged in the most delicious ham & cheese mallorcas with freshly made acerola juice. Talk about the perfect way to start off your morning! This was the first time I have ever tried a mallorca and I had no clue what an acerola cherry was, let alone the fact that you can make the tastiest juice from it. We also learned a little history about the architecture and buildings of Old San Juan. A fun fact about Aromas is that it is actually owned by Ricky Martin’s uncle.

Old San Juan Food Tour | Elle B StylesOSJ Food Tour | Elle B Styles

OSJ Food Tour | Elle B Styles

OSJ Food Tour | Elle B StylesAfter Aromas, we set out to our next destination to taste the best popsicles in town at Señor Paleta. We took a pit stop to look a the city and have a little history lesson. Our tour guide, Rocio, was the best! She knew pretty much everything there is to know about Old San Juan. She taught me so many things that I didn’t know like that Old San Juan is the oldest city under the US flag. It’s 100 years old! It was built as a military city which is why there are so many forts.

Rosa de Triana was our next tasting and was my absolute favorite! Here we learned how to make mofongo. Yes, I learned how to make one of my favorite dishes of all time in Old San Juan. I still haven’t tried to make it home but maybe one day.

OSJ Food Tour | Elle B Styles

Old San Juan Food Tour | Elle B StylesOn our last stops we had ceviche, the best piña coladas ever from St. Germaine’s, and hot chocolate with cheese from Casa Cortés.

All in all, we loved the tour! The Flavors of San Juan Food Tours are definitely something that you need to add to your itinerary the next time you are in San Juan. It’s perfect for couples, families, or even just something you can do alone. For more info, you can visit the Flavors of San Juan website or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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