Swimming Ain’t Easy: 4 Successful Swim Lesson Tips

This post was written in collaboration with Goldfish Swim School Winter Park. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Swimming Ain't Easy: 5 Tips for Successful Swim Lessons | Bianca Dottin

We’ve been a part of the Goldfish Swim School family for 6 months now. I honestly can’t tell you how much we love it there. Our first few lessons were rough. Tatiana was afraid to get her face wet and hd a hard time grasping the concept of holding her breath. Her instructors were amazing at helping her progress at her pace during every single lesson. One of the best decisions that we’ve made is enrolling Tatiana into swim lessons these past few months. She’s learned so many skills. In the last 6 months, she’s come so far. So far, in fact, that she was Star Student for the month of January.

Learning how to swim and becoming a star student isn’t easy though. It takes time and patience, but it also takes discipline and a good support system. If you’re thinking of joining the Goldfish Swim School family, here’s a few successful swim lesson tips.

Swimming Ain't Easy: 5 Tips for Successful Swim Lessons | Bianca Dottin

4 Successful Swim Lesson Tips

1. Practice at Home

One of the things that I love about taking lessons at Goldfish is that after every lesson, the instructor gives your feedback. You’re able to take that feedback and do what you please but if you want your child to excel, I suggest practicing with them at home. Practicing at home is how we got Tatiana to get more and more comfortable with putting her face in the water.

2. Cheer them on from the sidelines

Being at every lesson is so important. Your child needs to know that you’re there for them cheering them on. Be ready to give them your own feedback after every lesson and encourage them to keep trying until they master those skills.

Swimming Ain't Easy: 5 Tips for Successful Swim Lessons | Bianca Dottin

3. Go to family swim nights

Family swim nights are the perfect opportunity to have fun and polish those swim skills with your child. They get everyone in the family involved and makes your child love swimming even more. Tatiana loves spending time together as a family during swim night.

4. Encourage them to have fun during lessons

Have you ever been to a sporting event where parents are so hard on their kids that it doesn’t seem like they’re having fun anymore? I have. It’s awkward and I knew that I definitely didn’t want to be that parent. We encourage Tatiana to have fun during her swim lessons every chance we get. Of course it’s important that she’s actually learning but we always want to make sure that she’s having fun so that she doesn’t lose interest or focus. If your kids are having fun, they’ll want to keep going back to swim lessons.

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