What to Expect at Your First Goldfish Swim School Lesson

What to Expect at Your First Goldfish Swim School Lesson | Bianca Dottin

We’re wrapping up September and our second month of lessons at Goldfish Swim School in Winter Park. Tatiana loves swim school so much that she can hardly wait for her lesson to roll around every week. She takes one 30 minute lesson a week and has made enormous progress in just 8 lessons. The funny thing is that Tatiana wasn’t always making great strides. Her swim instructor has played a major part in her progress and we can’t thank him enough. After only 8 lessons, Tatiana has already earned 3 ribbons. Lessons will vary depending on what level your child is in but if you’re thinking about signing up your littles for lessons, and you should, here are a few things to expect at your child’s first Goldfish Swim School lesson.

1.Small class sizes that are a perfect learning environment for your child to thrive.

2. An easy check-in at the computer using your key card. Once you’re checked in and ready to go, the staff will tell you which lane you’re in. Usually you’re in the same lane every week unless your time or instructor changes so you always want to be sure to ask.

3. Expect your child to make friends. One of the things that we love the most is that on Tatiana’s very first day she knew everyone’s name. In addition to the small class sizes, Goldfish is a very friendly environment where the instructors encourage the kids to cheer others on.

4. A welcoming and patient instructor. Every instructor is trained to handle all skill levels so no matter where your child is at in their swimming journey, the instructor is equipped to help move them along.

5. A fun, colorful facility with everything that you need. Goldfish has a changing area if you’re like us and don’t have time to change after school. There is a play area for siblings who are waiting and even a shower station inside the swimming pool area for kids to shower and wash their hair after every lesson.

6. Goldfish Swim School is a stress-free learning environment that your kids will love. This was really important to us because Tatiana has had 2 bad experiences swimming. We were worried that with lessons she would be rushed to progress to the next level. That isn’t the case at all at Goldfish. Instead, her instructor patiently works with her every week to help her develop at her own pace.

Also, if this is your first experience ever you want to make sure that your swim bag is packed with a few key essentials including a towel, swimming cap, earplugs, goggles, hairbrush, and flip flops. In case you happen to forget something don’t worry because Goldfish has got you covered. They have an amazing shop filled with everything that you need for your lessons. I can’t tell you how many Goldfish towels we have! They even have a snack bar where you can purchase snacks. This is always our go-to after lessons because Tatiana needs a snack to keep her going until we get home.

Here’s a behind the scenes look at our first day at Goldfish Swim School lesson and at why we love it so much.

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