8 Reasons to Join the Goldfish Swim School Family

8 Reasons to Join the Goldfish Swim School Family | Bianca Dottin

Happy Friday! We’ve been members at Goldfish Swim School going on 3 months now and we love it! Before we got to our first lesson Tatiana was scared. She didn’t want to take swimming lessons because of past negative experiences in the water but now she can’t stop talking about her lessons. The very first thing that her instructor worked with her on was getting her face in the water. It was a struggle but after a couple of lessons, I’m now proud to say that she’s put her face in the water 5 times! She’s even held her breathe under water a few times. I don’t think that she would have made so much progress that quickly anywhere else.

I already shared everything you need to know about Goldfish and what to expect at your first lesson. This week, Tatiana helped me out with this post because we wanted to talk about why we love Goldfish so much and share 8 reasons to join the Goldfish Swim School family in Winter Park.

1.Every month Goldfish Swim School has a different theme. So far we’ve celebrated superheroes, pirates & princesses, and imagination. The school even has blog posts about ways to continue celebrating the theme at home. Check out their post for this month on ways to get your child to be imaginative.

2. Great gifts for the kids every month to keep things fun. If your kids are anything like mine, they’re asking for you to buy them something every single time you step outside of the house. What I love about Goldfish is that Tatiana can take something home with her every time we leave swimming lessons. Thanks to Goldfish we now have a collection of Bubbles the Goldfish play toys, bookmarks, and tattoos. 

3. Family Swim makes fun for everyone. There are multiple family swim times offered throughout the week. The family swims during the weekdays are ideal for families who are homeschooling or with little kids. Once a month the school has family swim nights that are open to the public as well which creates an opportunity for you to invite friends and family so your littles can show off everything that they’re learning. What’s even better is that because the swimming pool is indoor, you don’t have to worry about missing out because of the weather.

8 Reasons to Join the Goldfish Swim School Family | Bianca Dottin 8 Reasons to Join the Goldfish Swim School Family | Bianca Dottin 8 Reasons to Join the Goldfish Swim School Family | Bianca Dottin 8 Reasons to Join the Goldfish Swim School Family | Bianca Dottin

4. The weekly progress updates are my personal favorite. Yes, I watch every lesson that Tatiana takes but it’s beneficial to hear from the instructor exactly what she needs to work on at home. I know that Tatiana’s strokes and kicks are good but she needs to get more comfortable with getting her face in the water if she wants to move to the next level. 

5. An indoor swimming pool that is a perfect 90 degrees year round is just what every parent dreams of. 

6. Snacks! I asked Tatiana to give her feedback and this was her number one answer. She loves making a pitstop at the snack station after every lesson.

7. Online scheduling and convenient class times are exactly what my family needs. Life happens all the time. Sometimes Wednesday rolls around and we’re just beat. Luckily we’re able to easily reschedule our lessons without having to worry about missing out.

8. They’re not just regular swimming lessons. 

I took swimming lessons as a kid and they were nothing like at Goldfish. Every lesson comes with a friendly environment, positive reinforcement, and confidence building. The instructors make sure to celebrate every student for the strengths and patiently work with them on their weaknesses. They make it fun so that the kids are willing to give it their all and want to continue coming back every week.

Goldfish Swim School isn’t like any other place you’ll ever experience. When you walk in, you’ll feel at home. Your kids will look forward to every lesson and thrive in every single session. Ever staff member will make it a point to know your child’s name and know your family. You’ll truly feel like you have a family at Goldfish so don’t hesitate to join the Goldfish Swim School family.

Not in the Winter Park, FL area? Don’t worry. You can find the Goldfish family nearest you by searching here.

8 Reasons to Join the Goldfish Swim School Family | Bianca Dottin8 Reasons to Join the Goldfish Swim School Family | Bianca Dottin

This post was created in partnership with Goldfish Swim School. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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