The Perfect Accessory for Grooms

The Melbourne Minimal watch from The Fifth was the perfect accessory to compliment J’s suit on our wedding day. Take a look at how we styled it.

The Perfect Accessory | Bianca Dottin

It’s been exactly 31 days since we’ve been married. Our destination wedding was absolutely perfect! One of my favorite parts about wedding day prep were the accessories. You know that I’m a fashion lover so my amazing husband gave me complete creative control of what we wore on our special day. He helped to choose our color scheme and then allowed me to run with it.

Choosing his suit was easy because I knew exactly what I wanted for him, a sleek navy suit with a tuxedo shirt. Accessories were the tricky part. J never gets dressed up so this was my opportunity to do him up from head to toe. I started with suspenders and cuff links because I knew that he would love having a touch of Florida State gear on our wedding day.

The Perfect Accessory

Then came the perfect accessory – The Fifth watch. On the fifth day of each month, the Fifth watches are available for sale online for a limited five-day period or while stocks last. I came across these watches in my online search for the perfect accessory. I wanted a watch that was sleek, modern, and timeless. The Fifth offers a wide variety of watch styles but I chose the Melbourne Minimal style in black & gold. It was exactly what I was looking for and complimented J’s navy blue suit perfectly.

The Perfect Accessory | Bianca Dottin The Perfect Accessory | Bianca Dottin The Perfect Accessory | Bianca Dottin

What do you think of the way I styled J on our wedding day? Don’t you think his watch is the perfect accessory?

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