12 Family Road Trip Essentials That Everyone Will Love

This family road trip essentials post was written in collaboration with Kleenex. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

12 Family Road Trip Essentials That Everyone Will Love - Bianca Dottin

Road trips are my favorite! I’d choose a road trip over a plane any day. Our last trip was to West Palm Beach and although it’s a short drive, we made sure to keep a few road trip essentials on hand.

12 Family Road Trip Essentials

1. Purell hand sanitizer

I don’t know about you but my family never leaves the house without hand sanitizer. Tatiana always has a mini bottle in her backpack and I keep one in my purse. I’m a huge germaphobe so whenever soap and water isn’t readily available, I count on my hand sanitizer.

2. Kleenex Go Anywhere Packs

This is for all of those messy moments. We tend to eat in the car when on road trips rather than pulling over to sit down and eat at a restaurant. Eating in the car saves time but is always messy. There literally has never been one single time when we’ve eaten in the care and Tatiana hasn’t made a mess. The Kleenex Go Anywhere packs come in handy during allergy season too. If you’ve been around me for longer than 5 minutes, you know that my allergies are bad. I always keep tissues close by because I’m constantly sneezing. The best part about the Kleenex Go Anywhere packs is that they’re refillable.

3. Water

One of our go-to family road trip essentials is water. Whenever we’re on a road trip we bring a case or 2 of water with us to save money. Buying single bottles of water throughout a road trip can add up quickly.

4. GoGo Squeeze

Snacks are a must and GoGo Squeeze comes in different flavors. What’s even better about these snacks is that they are designed in a package created to cut down on the messes.

5. Games

I got these Table Topics conversation blocks from an event I attended recently and haven’t been able to put them down. My family loves them and they are a great way to spark a random conversation. Some questions are easier than others but some really make you think.

6. Pillow

It’s always a good idea to bring a pillow along if you’re going on a road trip longer than an hour.

7. Sunglasses

For a while, sunglasses were never a part of our road trip essentials until I realized how annoying it is to get the right shot when the sun is blaring in your face. Your kids will thank you when you put a pair of fun sunnies in their bags too.

8. Portable charger

Portable chargers are so important. You have to make sure that your electronics are charged at all times because you never know when you may need them. These come in handy especially when you’re road tripping to a theme park or an outdoor destination with nowhere to charge up.

9. Bug spray

Tatiana needs this one always! She’s lucky enough to be allergic to mosquitoes of all things. Bug spray is something we always make sure to pack for road trips and if we forget we stop to pick some up on the way to our destination.

10. First aid kit

We didn’t have a family first aid kit until Tristan came along. Now, we hoard medical supplies to stock our first aid kit that we keep handy with us whether it’s a road trip or not.

11. Books

Tatiana loves to read and we encourage it. We make sure to bring books wherever we go.

12. Dramamine

This one is a new addition to our list. I recently started to get car sick on a few of our road trips which is weird because it’s never happened before. Now, we make sure to keep Dramamine on hand.

12 Family Road Trip Essentials That Everyone Will Love - Bianca Dottin12 Family Road Trip Essentials That Everyone Will Love - Bianca Dottin12 Family Road Trip Essentials That Everyone Will Love - Bianca Dottin

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