Tips for Knocking Out Your Mompreneur To-Do List

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mompreneur to do list

As a mompreneur, I wear so many hats and it seems like I’m constantly juggling something. Naturally I am a list maker. Lists are essential to making sure that I stay on track to completing all of my tasks. Somewhere along the way my lists seemed to get out of control. They were longer than I could manage and one list turned into multiples. It seemed like the lists were just dragging on and on and I could never in a million years complete them. I was overwhelmed to say the least.

Although I knew I needed to-do lists to get things done, my method wasn’t working anymore. Over time I learned that simply writing things down doesn’t guarantee that those ideas or tasks would ever be acknowledged. Eventually they would get lost in the shuffle and never completed.

Is your to-do list just a long list of things you know you need to get done but never get around to doing?

The first step to knocking out your mompreneur to-do list is actually successfully creating one that you know you will dedicate time and attention to. Say goodbye to the random sticky notes or lists written on the back of an envelope. Find one single organized place where you can keep your list and keep it in plain sight. Set realistic deadlines for yourself to complete each task. Creating an organized system is key to successfully knocking out your to-do list.

mom to do list

Tips for Knocking Out Your Mompreneur To-Do List

1. Know your priorities

Sometimes I think as moms we work backwards. We take a look at our schedules and try to prioritize what’s on there. Taking the time to figure out what the priorities are in your life will make a drastic change. When we don’t take the time to figure out what our priorities are, often times we set ourselves up for failure. Why? Because we end up making other people’s priorities ours and the things on our list never get completed.

Take a few minutes daily to write down your top 3-5 priorities for the day. This well give you a good starting point when figuring out what tasks you need to get done for the day. Once you’ve got your top priorities written down, you can schedule a chunk of time to complete them.

If they are tasks that can be completed at home or from your desk, I recommend creating a power hour to get them done. A power hour is a one-hour block of time where you are completely uninterrupted. During this hour you cannot have any distractions at all – no phones, no other open tabs on your computer, no TV, etc. You power through that one hour of time to get as many of your top priority items complete as you can.

2. Create a segmented list

A segmented list can help to relieve any feelings of overwhelm you may experience. I like to break my lists down into three segments – top priorities, secondary tasks, and things I’d like to get done but probably not going to get to.

When I’m starting my day, I am to complete all of my priority tasks first. Those are the things that absolutely have to be completed for my day to be considered a success. Of course sometimes things come up where I can’t get those completed but then I roll them over into the next day. After I’ve completed the tasks on my priority list, I move on to the secondary tasks and so on. If I don’t get to the third list, I don’t break a sweat. I simply move those items to the secondary list the next day.

mompreneur to do list

3. Break down your tasks

Often times we add large projects to our list not realizing it. It helps to break each project down into manageable steps so you won’t get overwhelmed.

For example, consider a task like laundry. Laundry can be broken down into smaller tasks like washing/drying, folding, and putting away. Be specific instead of just placing “laundry” onto your list. Write down “wash/dry and put away towels and sheets instead.

4. Add a limit to your rollover tasks

Remember earlier when I said that when I don’t get my tasks completed, I allow them to roll over to the next day? The only way rollover tasks are beneficial is if you put a limit on how many days it can roll over. I don’t allow myself to roll over tasks for more than 2 days. Once a task is moved to the next day twice I feel like I’ve given myself enough chances to complete it. If I can’t complete the task in 3 days then I table it and either ask for help for someone else in my family to complete it or rethink it’s position on the priority list and leave it for another time.

community coffee
community coffee

5. Take breaks

Breaks are an essential part of getting that to-do list done. Sometimes us mompreneurs work tirelessly through the day without stopping. During my breaks I like to fuel up with Community® coffee 2X Caffeine (find it in a store near you here). It helps me keep up with the demands of my family and business while tackling my to-do list. With double the caffeine, the dark roast combines rich, caramelized flavor with an extra boost of coffee extract to get me through the day.

6. Give yourself deadlines

Adding deadlines to each task can help eliminate what seems to be a “running to-do list”. Assign each task a realistic deadline and schedule time to complete it on your calendar so you can actually get it done.

7. Ask for help

If at any point you every feel overwhelmed, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Often times I find myself needing to do this because I have to many tasks on hand. Let’s be honest, running a business and managing a family at the same time is challenging. We can’t do it all alone and it’s okay to recruit help when you need it. Assign smaller tasks to your family or hire a virtual assistant to help you with your business.

mompreneur to-do list

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