Creating a Smart Home with OneLink by First Alert

Thank you Onelink by First Alert for sponsoring this post. A smart home should start with smart protection and Onelink by First Alert welcomes you to a smarter, safer home.

turning your home into a smart home

When we were buying our first home I was set on making it a smart home. I wanted all the gadgets and every cool piece of technology for our home. The goal was to create not only a smart home but a safe home. Being able to monitor our home when we were away traveling was super important to us. Once we moved in, we started making small changes to make our home a smart home.

Tips for Turning Your Home into a Smart Home

1. Make a solid plan

The first thing that we did when turning our home into a smart home was create a plan. Making your home a smart home can be a little overwhelming. There are so many brands and gadgets to choose from. We started by laying out exactly what smart functionalities we wanted our home to have. We knew we wanted a video doorbell, security cameras, and smart speakers.

2. Know your budget

Creating a budget can help you stay on track. Turning your home into a smart home can be pretty pricey. When you’re shopping you want to make sure you’re getting the best deals and buying everything at the right time. Shopping for your smart gadgets around holidays is ideal because that is usually when stores will offer the best price. Know how much you’re willing to spend on each smart piece you put in your home.

3. Start with the outside

We started with the outside first because it seemed to be the easiest to tackle and the most affordable. Installation can get to be a bit overwhelming if you start with the largest project with the most wiring so start small. We started with a video doorbell and smart keypad. Smart video cameras with WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities are a great thing to have too.

onelink smoke and carbon monoxide alarms for a smart home

4. Don’t forget about the smoke and carbon monoxide alarms

I think smart smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are one thing that people overlook the most but it is the most important. We chose to install the Onelink Safe & Sound as well as the Onelink Smart Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm in our home.

With the Safe & Sound we can get push notifications and voice alerts when we’re away or at home. We can talk to Alexa, use it as a nightlight, and even use it as a bluetooth speaker to play music. It really is the ideal smoke and carbon monoxide alarm for any smart home. The installation and setup was super easy.

The Onelink Smart Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm was installed in our bedroom. It was easy to install and offers 2-in-1 protection against smoke and carbon monoxide. The voice alerts and push notifications let you know if there is danger in your home.

onelink smoke alarm

5. Tackle one smart gadget at a time

Rather than going room by room, it’s best to install smart gadgets by category. Go through your original plan and decide where you’d like to start first. Here’s the order that I suggest:

  • Security (video doorbells, cameras, home alarms, etc)
  • Smart locks and garage control
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms
  • Smart speakers and home audio
  • Smart & WiFi thermostat
  • Smart switches and outlets
  • Smart lighting
  • Smart TVs

Smart Home Essentials

onelink safe & sound for your smart home
Safety Tips for Your Onelink Smart Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm or Onelink Safe & Sound
  1. Install smoke and carbon monoxide alarms on every level and in every bedroom of your home.
  2. Test smoke and carbon monoxide alarms regularly. With Onelink alarms, you can easily test your alarm from your phone via the Onelink Home app.
  3. Alarms don’t last forever, remember to replace your alarms at least every ten years
  4. Plan and practice an escape route with your family.

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