Modern Family Room Reveal

Moving into a new house is a gift in itself. Take a look at how we decorated our modern family room to turn our house into a home and make it even more special.

modern family living room decor

You guys, we did it! I honestly can’t believe we’re here. Almost a year ago we broke ground on our new house. We watched as our first home was being built. I shared on Instagram as we went through the process. You guys have been very instrumental in helping me decide between pieces for our home. We’ve been moved in for 3 months now and while we’re still not completely settled, everything is coming together.

A Peek at Our Modern Family Room

Our upstairs family room is the first room in our home that we finished decorating. It was the perfect room to finish first because it’s where we spend most of our time. When we moved into this house, I made a rule that we would only keep the TVs that we have and not buy any more. We currently have 3 and they would be placed strategically in our home. I didn’t want us to be stuck in our rooms in front of the TVs. One would go in our upstairs family room for movie nights. The others would go in our main living room and master bedroom.

When choosing the decor for this room I kept the TV placement in mind. My husband had a simple request as well. He wanted all of our game consoles in this room too. There was a few inspiration pictures that he found online so I had to find a way to incorporate that into this room as well. I found the perfect entertainment console on Wayfair that would mesh well with the decor. It was in our budget which was even better!

When I was searching for design inspiration, I knew exactly what I wanted. I wanted the room to be light, airy, and inviting. We already had our sectional from our old house that we wanted to keep so I planned the decor around that. The goal for this space was to have a neutral color scheme with a boho vibe.

modern family room gallery wall living room tv setup

Things to Keep in Mind When Picking Your Family Room Decor

Online shopping is so much easier but I love shopping in stores. Once we knew what we wanted the room to look like, I started shopping. I hit my favorite stores and started searching for pieces that would make the room come together. Here’s a few things to keep in mind when picking out family room decor.

1. Figure out a theme

The first step before starting to decorate is to find what theme you want for your room. I wanted our family room to feel cozy and comfortable. A gallery wall was a must to display our favorite photos.

2. Involve your family

My biggest thing when decorating was to involve my family. Sometimes I can get so carried away when I’m in the zone that I don’t think about what everyone else would like. I wanted this space to be functional yet realistic for our family. Asking my family’s opinion allowed me to find the right TV console, with drawers as storage to avoid clutter, that would work the best for us.

3. Consider your budget

We had a strict budget when shopping for this room. I wanted to repurpose a lot of old pieces that we had so that I wouldn’t go over budget. Most of the frames on our gallery wall were repurposed. I simply switched out the old photos with new ones for a little update. I purchased two wall planters to fill a blank space on the wall. Both planters cost under $15 from Target.

4. Pick pieces that will work anywhere

This is probably something to keep at the top of your mind when shopping. You’ll want to pick decor and accent pieces that will work in at least 2 other rooms in your home. I’m all about versatility and stretching our dollar. When shopping, I often asked myself if something would work well in another room. For example, the teal throw pillows on our couch in our modern family room will be moved to our master bedroom once we get started on decorating in there. The white pillows will be relocated to our downstairs living room. If we wanted to move the rug, it could work in our bedroom or my office.

5. Make it cozy

Have you ever been to someone’s house that had a room you couldn’t sit in or things you couldn’t touch? Don’t be that person. Nobody likes them. I remember growing up and visiting with family members who had plastic on their couches because they didn’t want it to be ruined. As a young family, I’m aware that things get dirty and messes are made. When we bought this house, I wanted it to be as nice as possible but I was also realistic about the purchases we made. I bought things that were cozy and cute but that I was okay with having to replace if necessary. The last thing that you want is to have a part of your home that isn’t inviting to friends and family.

6. Don’t rush to buy stuff.

One of the biggest mistakes I did when we first moved in was buying a lot of stuff. Rather than waiting to unpack and see what we currently had, I bought what I “thought” we needed. Once we started unpacking I realized that I already had a lot of the things I bought. I had to spend time doing returns instead of working on another room.

7. Avoid being matchy-matchy.

I like contrast when decorating a room. Different textures, different patterns, and sizes. I mixed things up when creating our gallery wall with different size and color frames. I even included some glass photo prints. Our pillows are different colors and textures which makes for a fun contrast.

family room rug

Do you have a family loft space in your home? What do you think of our modern family room decor? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

shop our family room decor:

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modern family room

Photos by Emma Anne Photography

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