How to Deal with Being Overwhelmed

If you’re a busy mama like me, sometimes you can get easily frazzled. Here are my tried and true tips for how to deal with being overwhelmed.

How to Deal With Being Overwhelmed - Bianca Dottin

Being a mompreneur is harder than it looks. My to-do list always seems to be never ending. Between meeting deadlines, traveling, and keeping the house clean I feel like I’m always losing. Currently our house looks like a tornado came through it but according to my IG feed, I’m not the only mom dealing with the struggle. Overwhelm sucks. Having a long to-do list and not enough time sucks even more. The bigger my workload gets, the more overwhelmed I become. Over the past couple of weeks my workload has doubled so I’ve started searching for solutions for how to deal with being overwhelmed.

How to Deal With Being Overwhelmed

1. Don’t sweat the small things.

Over the years this has become my saving grace. I used to lose my mind over things like going to bed with a dirty kitchen, not vacuuming the floor every day, and overflowing piles of unfolded laundry. Now those things don’t even faze me anymore. I’ve learned to let the little things go and get to them when I can. Sweating the small things only led to me being more stressed and overwhelmed.

2. Set some time aside to do absolutely nothing.

This took me a long, long time to get used to. Every single day I set time aside to do nothing even if it’s just an hour. Meditating has never been something that I’ve been good at so this is my go-to. My “quiet time” as I like to call it is just that. It’s the time of day where everything is quiet and calm. I turn on a calming playlist and unwind. It allows me to release all of the stress from the day.

3. Prioritize your to-do list.

Setting your priorities for the day or week can help you accomplish so much more. Put the things at the top of your list that absolutely have to do first. If there are things that can wait a little longer, put them towards the bottom of the list.

4. Do something that makes you laugh.

Have you ever heard the saying “laughter is the best medicine?” When I’m feeling overwhelmed, taking a break to do something that’ll make me laugh is always good. I love a good comedy.

5. Learn to delegate.

One of the hardest concepts to grasp as an entrepreneur is that I can’t do this alone. There is way too much that goes into owning your own business and if I want to be a successful mompreneur, I have to be willing to grow my team and accept help.

6. Be kind to yourself.

No matter how overwhelmed you feel, always be kind to yourself. Having a messy house or wearing a top bun on a daily basis isn’t the end of the world.

How to Deal With Being Overwhelmed - Bianca Dottin How to Deal With Being Overwhelmed - Bianca DottinHow to Deal With Being Overwhelmed - Bianca Dottin How to Deal With Being Overwhelmed - Bianca Dottin How to Deal With Being Overwhelmed - Bianca Dottin

Do you have any tips for how to deal with being overwhelmed?

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  • Reply
    06.26.18 at 9:05 pm

    Setting time aside to do absolutely nothing (or something that helps me unwind) is most effective in my life right now. I would otherwise come unglued more often on the people living in my room.

  • Reply
    Ann Snook
    06.26.18 at 9:50 pm

    Prioritizing my tasks is a big one for me. I also try to accomplish an entire task if I can before starting another, rather than getting partway through a bunch of items.

  • Reply
    Shelley King
    06.26.18 at 10:36 pm

    I love this article so much. I have been trying to teach myself these things over the years. I’m getting better and better at not sweating the small stuff but I fail quite often at being kind to myself. We are our own worst critics for sure. Making to do list is a must in my life.

    • Reply
      Bianca Dottin
      06.27.18 at 1:37 am

      I wouldn’t be able to do anything without a to-do list!

  • Reply
    06.27.18 at 11:18 pm

    I have an unlimited list of to-do lists around the house, haha. My whole life is a bucket of stress and it’s always overwhelming to say the least. These are all great tips, I need to focus more on, so I don’t stress on things I can’t control.

    • Reply
      Bianca Dottin
      06.28.18 at 3:11 pm

      The unlimited to-do list pretty much sums up my life. I’m convinced I need to clone myself!

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