Golfing at The Arnold Palmer Bay Hill Club and Lodge

Arnold Palmer Bay Hill Club and Lodge is a golfer’s paradise. Did you know that in 6th grade I was in a golf club? I know, it’s hard to picture me golfing. My best friend at the time was in love with golfing and convinced me that I just had to try it. So I did. I stayed in golf club for my 6th grade year but I didn’t stick with it after that. My middle school didn’t have a golf club and there were no clubs at the local golf courses either.

Now, years later, Tatiana got to follow in my footsteps and try her hand at golfing at one of the most prestigious golf clubs in town. We recently spent a weekend at the Arnold Palmer Bay Hill Club and Lodge where she took her first golf lesson. Golfing was a challenge for her because it requires a steady hand and focus which are two things that she struggles with. Luckily, T has amazing hand eye coordination so she had no problem hitting the ball every single time.

One of the things we loved about her first lesson was that the instructor doesn’t pressure the kids to hit the ball every time. They focus on form and coordination. Once a kid is solid in those two areas, they move on to hitting the ball. During her golf lesson, both Dad and I were able to step in to help her with her form.

I’d definitely say that her first lesson was a success.

The Golf Academy

The Arnold Palmer Golf Academy was developed with five basic fundamentals in mind: grip, address, one-piece takeaway, steady head and acceleration. The instructor of the academy, John O’Leary has been a PGA member since 1995 and is in charge of training all instructors. Instruction is broken down into four key areas: mastering the fundamentals, scoring zone, practice like a pro, and course management.

The academy offers multi and single day classes as well as private instruction. If you’re really interested in getting serious about golf and getting good at it, I would recommend the 5-day academy course. It covers all four key areas and each day consists of four hours of instruction. If you’re a new player, there’s a course designed specifically for new players which is conducted over three days with four hours of instruction each day. Private lessons start at just $125 an hour and rates for all other sessions can be found here.

After Tatiana’s golf lesson, we grabbed a quick lunch at The Grill. The food was fabulous and very affordable. I will say the only thing to remember when you’re dining at The Grill or The Bay Window is that both restaurants have a dress code. Most people tend to forget that when they are on vacation so it’s important to note.

The Spa

While Jac and Tatiana relaxed in the room and spent some quality time together, I headed to the spa for a Swedish massage. I was in need of a massage after Tristan and golf lessons with Tatiana. I’d have to say the massage was very relaxing and my masseuse managed to get out every knot that I had.

The spa at Bay Hill had some great amenities including a steam room, sauna, and whirlpool jacuzzi – all of which are open to spa guests.

All in all, Tatiana’s first golf lesson was a success and our weekend at Bay Hill is one for the books!

Have you ever gotten a golf lesson before?

Thanks to Arnold Palmer Bay Hill Club and Lodge for providing my family and I with complimentary accommodations and a golf lesson during our stay.

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