3 Simple Ways to Transition from Breast to Bottle Feeding

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3 Simple Ways to Transition from Breast to Bottle Feeding - Bianca Dottin

It’s no secret that one of my favorite parts about mamahood is breastfeeding. The bond between mom and baby when breastfeeding is irreplaceable. However, at some point the time comes when you have to transition from breast to bottle feeding.With Tatiana this transition was really tough for me. I loved the time we spent bonding during nursing but knew that when I had to go back to work I could no longer nurse her around the clock. Here are some tips to make the transition from breast to bottle feeding smoother.

3 Simple Ways to Transition

1. Introduce a pacifier.

One of the first things that you can try before introducing a bottle is to try introducing a pacifier. The rule of thumb is to never introduce a pacifier to a nursing newborn because they may start to reject the breast. Luckily we’ve never had that issue with our little ones. They always took a pacifier while nursing. The NUK orthodontic pacifiers have been a great introductory pacifier. The shape naturally fits into any newborn’s mouth and the heart-shaped shield prevents irritation. The integrated channels allow for less palate pressure and the scoop nipple cavity maximizes tongue movement. I love this pacifier because it works well with Tristan’s cleft palate.

2. Try a slow flow nipple.

Slow flow nipples like the ones on the NUK® Simply Natural™ Bottles allow the baby to control the flow of the milk. The nipples also have 9 nipple holes like mom and are designed in the same shape as Mom’s breast for an easier transition. The wide shape of the nipple allows for an easier latch for baby. Slow flow nipples are the way to go until baby is accustomed to the bottle and is old enough for a faster flow.

3 Simple Ways to Transition from Breast to Bottle Feeding - Bianca Dottin 3 Simple Ways to Transition from Breast to Bottle Feeding - Bianca Dottin

3. Let someone else introduce the bottle.

Allowing Dad or someone else introduce the bottle allows other family members to bond with your baby. The first time we introduced a bottle to Tristan, we allowed our speech therapist to do it. This allowed her to make sure that Tristan was comfortable with the bottle and swallowing correctly.

The NUK Simply Natural Bottle has a design that truly creates a close-to-mom feel and allows for an easier transition. On your next shopping trip, be sure to grab these bottles in the baby aisle in Walmart or Target. P.S. NUK also has Freemie cups available in Walmart and Target for those mamas on that are pumping on the go. They are discreet and easily attach to most hospital grade pumps. Stay tuned for the review coming soon.

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