Tips for Hosting a Kid Friendly Fourth of July Party

Invite your friends and family over for the best kid friendly fourth of July party they’ve ever seen!

fourth of july party

4th of July is one of our favorite times of year. It’s smack in the middle of summer during one of the hottest times of year. We love cooking out and hosting a party. Our old tradition used to be celebrating the holiday at Wild Adventures but since we’ve moved into our new home, we love entertaining. We invite our friends and family, T gets to play with her friends, and we eat some of the best food.

I always strive to make sure that all of our gatherings are kid friendly. It’s important to me to keep the kids occupied with things that they’ll enjoy so that they don’t get bored. Often times I think the kids of a party are overlooked. That’s always how it was as a kid for me so when I had kids, I knew I wanted it to be different. I wanted the kids at our gatherings to feel like they were a part of the event and not just an afterthought. Things like kid friendly finger foods, a play station and toys are great additions to any kid friendly 4th of July party.

Tips for Hosting a Kid Friendly Fourth of July Party

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1. Finger foods are a must

Finger foods are an absolute must for us at any get together we host. If you’ve ever been to a cookout or a holiday party you know that sometimes you have to wait for the food to be prepared. Finger foods can keep hungry guests happy while they’re waiting for the main course to be ready.

I love making chicken and watermelon kebobs at any summer party. They’re always a huge hit with both the adults and kids. They’re simple to prepare with just 3 simple ingredients. All you need is chicken tenders or popcorn chicken, white sharp cheddar, and of course watermelon. Stack them onto a skewer and serve them. I promise your guests will love them!

2. Create a kids play station

Every party where kids are in tow must absolutely have a play station. I love these stations because they keep kids busy and out of trouble. The activities that we have at each station vary with every theme of our party. For fourth of July we decided to do something a little different. Since our party will be outdoors by the water we decided to have a fun moon sand play area and a coloring area.

These star themed coloring sheets are the perfect compliment to go with the watermelon scented crayons that we DIY’d. Of course regular crayons would work too.

4th of july coloring sheets

Print the Happy 4th of July coloring sheet here. Print the stars coloring sheet here.

3. Don’t forget the fun floats

You can’t have an outdoor summer party without the fun floats. I love to have a variety of floats available especially when there’s little kids in attendance. I want to make sure that everyone is safe while they’re having fun. We have a couple of larger floats that we always use that are great for the adults.

Since we like to have a few different options available, I’m always searching for the best priced floats that I can find. Typically I am for floats that are under $25. The larger ones of course being at the higher price point. Believe it or not ALDI is one of my go-to places to shop for floats. I’m usually able to snag cute floats in the $5-$10 range. I picked up the ones shown above there for only $4.99.

Here’s a few of my favorites under $25:

Your drinks need floats too! Here are a few of my top picks:

4. Make a fun mocktail

I love a good mocktail. For the summer, I love infusing drinks with fresh fruits and making fruit punches. My go-to summer punch is a savory mixture of 1 liter of Ginger Ale and 1 jug of watermelon juice. You can serve it in a glass pitcher or a watermelon keg like the one I made for this party.

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