Holiday Shopping Tips with Toyota

Holiday Shopping Tips with Toyota | Bianca Dottin

This post was written in collaboration with Toyota. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

The holidays are filled with family, friends, and making memories that will last a lifetime. Of course for our kids, things are a little different. They have a heaping list of presents and requests just waiting for Santa. What they don’t know is that you’re Santa. Their parents are the ones who take on the responsibility of piling the presents underneath the tree right before Christmas morning. I’m happy to be partnering with Toyota to share some of my tried and true holiday shopping tips for the things that we’ll be checking off on her list.

Holiday Shopping Tips

1. Make a list before you go.

Every child has a wish list that they send to Santa. This part will make your shopping a little easier. Sit down with your child and help them make a comprehensive list of things that they want this year. You can help them to be realistic about what they’re putting on their list. For us, Tatiana has to narrow her list down to about 10 items because her birthday is only 2 months after Christmas.

2. Decide what to buy.

Sometimes Tatiana goes over her 10 items but that’s okay. We choose which items fit within our Christmas budget and only buy those when we’re out shopping.

3. Send the rest of the list to friends and family.

Friends and family are always asking us what’s on our Christmas list. Once we’ve narrowed down what we’re buying for her, we send the rest of the list their way. To make this process easy for them and to eliminate having to send our address a million times, we create a wish list online for her. This allows our friends and family to easily place the items in their shopping cart and ship them our way.

4. Make a shopping plan.

Once your child’s list is complete, sit down and make a shopping plan of the stores that you need to go to. I do this by looking online first to see which store has the best pricing.

5. Clean your trunk for empty space.

Before going shopping, we always make sure that our trunk is completely clear so that we can have enough space to put the gifts. The big ticket items like bikes and other sporting goods tend to take up a lot of space. Luckily, the backseats fold down in case we need more space. The foot-activated power lift gate is the perfect solution for when you’re juggling all of the presents in your hands.

6. Use the GPS to make an efficient route guide.

The GPS in the Toyota Rav 4 is a lifesaver especially if you’re not a good planner.After our shopping plan is complete, we hop in the car and get ready to shop. Before we begin we use the GPS to make out the best route for our holiday shopping. I love that you can put a starting and end point plus put multiple stops along the way. This makes our shopping much more efficient and saves us time so that we can spend more time together with our friends and family during the holidays.

7. Utilize store pickup.

Store pickup is any parent’s best friend especially for when you have the kids with you. You can simply order the gifts online and run into the store to pick the gifts up without your kids every knowing what you bought.

What are some of your tried and true holiday shopping tips?

Holiday Shopping Tips with Toyota | Bianca DottinHoliday Shopping Tips with Toyota | Bianca Dottin Holiday Shopping Tips with Toyota | Bianca Dottin Holiday Shopping Tips with Toyota | Bianca DottinHoliday Shopping Tips with Toyota | Bianca Dottin

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