Tips for Hosting a Couples Holiday Party

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Tips for Hosting a Couples Holiday Party | Bianca Dottin

The holidays are here and that means so are the parties. We love spending time with our families but it’s always good to spend time with friends too. Holiday parties are an excuse to get dressed and have fun. With good food, company, and good wine it gives us all a chance to unwind during the madness of the season. We love hosting low-key get togethers with other couples for a few reasons. Mostly because it’s good to have other positive couple influences in our life and sometimes we just need a gathering with no kids. When was the last time you went to a couples holiday party and didn’t have fun? Probably never, right? With the right people and the right wine, your party is sure to be one that everyone keeps talking about.

Tips for Hosting a Couples Holiday Party

 1.Make a guest list

The guest list is the most important thing. Why? Picture inviting people to your party that don’t vibe well then adding alcohol to the mix. That’s not exactly the perfect combination.

Sit down with your partner to make your guest list. Go through your contacts of couples you know and write everyone down. Once you have everyone written down, go through the list again and make sure that everyone gets along well. If there are couples that have never met, that’s okay too. Just make sure that when you’re inviting them you know that they’ll play nice with others.

A party isn’t fun if everyone isn’t getting along. The whole purpose of the party is to let go and have a fun night without any stress or distractions. Your guest list is the first step to hosting the perfect couples holiday party.

2. Prepare a few snacks

When making a snack tray, be sure to choose snacks that everyone will like and that pair well with your wine choices. For our party we had two choices of Notable Wines. Their flavor profiles are on the complete opposite of the spectrum so we had to choose a variety of snacks that would pair well for both. One is oaky and buttery, the other fruity and crispy. We opted for grapes, yogurt covered pretzels, cheeses, and cranberries. We also had a selection of cured meats.

You also want to make sure that your snacks are bite size. Bite size snacks are a better choice since everyone will be chatting and socializing during the party.

Tips for Hosting a Couples Holiday Party | Bianca Dottin

3. Create a playlist

You can’t have a successful party without a playlist. A good way to make a playlist is to ask your guests beforehand what type of music they like. We pretty much have a handle of what our guests like to hear since we host parties a lot but you have to have a special vibe for a holiday party. A mix of slow and upbeat should set your party off right.

4. Wine is a must!

Notable Wines is our go-to for holiday parties because their flavor profiles appeal to anyone. Both flavor profiles are Chardonnay. One is oaky and buttery, the other is fruity and crispy. Notable is the 1st wine that highlights the flavor profiles on the front of the bottle so it makes choosing easier for your guests if they’ve never tasted it before.

Tips for Hosting a Couples Holiday Party | Bianca DottinTips for Hosting a Couples Holiday Party | Bianca Dottin

5. Play games

Games not only make a party fun but can be an ice breaker for couples who have never met before. We love playing card games or games where we have to guess things about each other. You could also incorporate some fun holiday music and play  karaoke, limbo, or any of the other classics.

6. Send your guests home with a gift

The holidays are the season for giving. What’s better than sending your favorite couple home with a gift of Notable Wine? You can buy decorated wine bags and send your guests home with a bottle to host their own couples party or to drink for their next at-home date night.

If you’re feeling like giving a little extra, you can put together a fun gift package with a bottle of wine and snacks that compliment the flavor profile. Notable Wines are available at most retail stores so be sure to pick up a few bottles for your next couples holiday party.

Tips for Hosting a Couples Holiday Party | Bianca Dottin

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