Teaching Time with Timex Time Machines

Timex Time Machines

Tatiana recently started learning time in the first grade so now that summer is here I wanted to find a way to reinforce those skills so that she wouldn’t lose them. When Timex announced that they were teaming up with Scholastic for the Time Machines app, we were excited. Not only could Tatiana continue to learn about time but she could have fun while doing so. The app has so many cool features and functions but is still easy for kids her age to use. I was surprised that she chose to play the Time Machine game over others on her iPad. The game is fun and keeps the kids on their toes. It has multiple levels so parents can choose how easy or hard they want the game to be for their kids. The Timex Time Machines app is definitely our go-to on road trips.

The watch was perfect for Tatiana and matched her personality perfectly. Both hands are labeled for hours and minutes with easy-to-read dials and rotating graphics. I love the adjustable elastic straps which will allow the watch to grow with your child. The fact that the straps are water resistant up to 30 meters is super important especially with Tatiana who’s accident prone.

The Timex Time Machines watches start at only $25 and are available for both boys and girls. The app is also available for Android and IOS. Take a sneak peek below of the app.

Timex Time MachinesTimex Time MachinesTimex Time MachinesTimex Time Machines

Thank you Timex for partnering with us for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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