Maternity Swimsuits under $50

Searching for the perfect maternity swimsuit? Check out the cutest picks of maternity bathing suits under $50 to get you through every trimester.

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It seems like whenever I blink, my belly grows dramatically. Being pregnant for the third time is no joke at all. At 6 weeks, I was already showing. Living in Florida, we tend to take a lot of trips to the beach and the pool and finding a maternity bathing suit that is comfortable and stylish has been a struggle. This is my third and last pregnancy so needless to say I’m not up to spending hundreds on maternity clothes. Being conservative with my maternity shopping budget is key.

So I started searching for cute maternity swimsuits that are affordable and under $50. I was able to find some super cute options for each trimester.

Maternity Swimsuits under $50

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Shop some of my favorites here:

The first trimester is such a hit or miss. You’re still close to your normal size but if it’s not your first pregnancy, you’re more than likely starting to show a little. Bloating is inevitable so you want to be as comfortable as possible. For the first few weeks of your first trimester you’ll probably be able to fit into the bathing suits that you already have at home without being too uncomfortable.

Some of my Amazon favorites under $30

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Best Places to Shop for Maternity Bathing Suits

When searching for maternity bathing suits, my search started online. There are a handful of places that I love to look when I’m trying to find a new bathing suit. All of these places are affordable and great quality suits.

  • Amazon
  • Motherhood Maternity
  • PinkBlush
  • ASOS
  • Boohoo
  • Kortni Jeane
  • Old Navy
  • Target

Maternity Cover-Ups You’ll Love

Of course you need a cover-up to go with your cute new suit. Maternity cover-ups lend added stretch to a regular cover-up and are perfect for covering your swimsuit.

maternity bathing suits under $50

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