Little Bites Muffins Make The Perfect Fall Snacks

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pumpkin little bites muffins

It’s officially fall! Our family loves to spend time together outdoors whether it’s having a picnic or just a trip to the park. Fall is the season we travel the most as well due to cooler temperatures. Entenmann’s Little Bites Muffins have been a household essential in our home for years. T loves the flavors they have available. I’m pretty sure we stock up on a couple of boxes each time we’re in the store.

Little Bites Muffins Make The Perfect Fall Snacks

Since it’s fall we decided to give a new flavor a try, pumpkin. Do you love pumpkin as much as everyone else? Entenmann’s® Little Bites® Pumpkin Muffins are baked soft and moist using real pumpkin. There’s only 180 calories in each pouch. Little Bites Muffins don’t contain high fructose corn syrup or trans-fat so it’s perfect for the littles. Not only does T eat these for a snack but sometimes she has them for breakfast. They muffins pair really well with things like oatmeal or yogurt. On those days when we’re stumbling out of the door to make it to school on time, the Little Bites Muffins are perfect.

Entenmann’s® Little Bites® TerraCycle Recycling Contest, “Small Bites, Big Collections” is here

From September 1 to December 31, TerraCycle is kicking off the new school year with a huge giveaway with Entenmann’s Little Bites®. The grand prize winner will be awarded 50 boxes of Little Bites®, four custom collection bins, $500 in TerraCycle points and more! Entering to win is super simple. Collect as many used Little Bites® pouches as you can and ship them to us through the Entenmann’s® Little Bites® Pouch Recycling Program for a chance to win!

pumpkin little bites muffinspumpkin little bites muffinspumpkin little bites muffins

Have your kids ever tried Little Bites Muffins before?

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