4 Steps to Creating Flawless Basic Invite Christmas Cards

I’m sharing 4 simple steps to creating flawless Basic Invite Christmas cards that your friends and family are sure to love. Thanks to my friends at Basic Invite for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

christmas cards DIY

It’s a miracle! I finally managed to get it together before Christmas this year. Last year we didn’t send out Christmas cards and the year before I’m pretty sure everyone didn’t get them until after the new year. What can I say? I’m a busy mama. I’m so happy that we were able to get our pictures done in time so that I can walk you through my 5 simple steps for creating flawless Basic Invite Christmas cards.

4 Steps to Creating Flawless Basic Invite Christmas Cards

Step 1: Make a friends & family list

The first step before even jumping into the design process is to make a list of everyone you’ll send Christmas cards to. To make your list, think of your closest friends and family. We sat down together as a family to make up our list to make sure that we didn’t leave out anyone on our list. Completing your list before you create your cards will help you once it’s time to place your order.

Step 2: Choose a Basic Invite Christmas cards template

There are tons of templates to choose from, over 250 to be exact, including options with gold foil and folded cards. We strayed from the traditional 5×7 card and chose a rectangular shaped card. We knew that we wanted to have more than one picture on our cards so that helped us to narrow down our choices. If you need help narrowing down the choices, trust me you will, choose a template that compliments the color scheme of your photos.

Once you’ve picked your template, you can begin the design process.

Step 3: Decide which pictures to use

Our Christmas pictures this year are amazing! I let Tatiana choose most of these pictures because it was just so hard to choose and she can get things done quickly.

Step 4: Write a special message

We kept our message special using the message that comes on the template. We also made sure to include all of our names on our card as well. Some of the cards allow more space for special handwritten messages which is perfect for the holidays.

Once you’ve completed all of your steps, you’re ready to choose your envelope color and place your order. There are over 40 different colors of envelopes but don’t overthink it. Choose the color that works best with your cards. Red, navy blue, or dark green usually works best for a festive holiday look. After you’ve finished your design you can place your order. Basic Invite offers a free address capturing service for Christmas card orders. It allows customers to simply share a link on social media to ask for their friends and family’s addresses for their envelopes to be printed with all the address for an easier mailing process.

how to create your own christmas cards
4 Steps to Creating Flawless Basic Invite Christmas Cards | Bianca Dottin
christmas cards DIY
4 Steps to Creating Flawless Basic Invite Christmas Cards | Bianca Dottin

Have your ordered your Christmas cards yet? If not, follow my simple steps for creating flawless Basic Invite Christmas cards. If you’re hosting a holiday party, you can order invitations through Basic Invite too. They have everything from elegant holiday party invites to simple invitation designs. Save 15% off now with the code 15FF51.

If you’re wanting to take the holiday cheer a step further, these DIY Christmas ornaments make great gifts too!

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