Everything You Need to Know Disney Dreamers Academy

Have you ever heard of Disney Dreamers Academy? I’m sharing 5 reasons why your teen should apply for this once in a lifetime experience hosted by Walt Disney World and Essence Magazine.

Disney Dreamers Academy
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A few weeks back I had the opportunity to attend Disney Dreamers Academy at Epcot in Orlando, FL. I was super excited to receive the invitation because it was an event I’d always dreamed of going to. In the past I had watched as other bloggers covered the event and it seemed so magical. Have you ever heard of the Disney Dreamers Academy?

What is the Disney Dreamers Academy?

Disney Dreamers Academy is a transformational four-day experience hosted by ESSENCE Magazine, Steve Harvey, and Walt Disney World. This year marked the 11th year where 100 students, between the ages 13-19, from all across the country gathered at Walt Disney World Resort to take part in an unforgettable experience. Throughout the four days the students were inspired, encouraged, and educated in their fields of interest. The Disney Dreamers Academy theme is “Be100,” encouraging teens to be positive, to be “all in” and to carry what they learn back with them, so they can achieve their full purpose and make a difference in the lives of others.

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Parents Matter Too

Disney Dreamers isn’t all just about the students. Throughout the event, the DDA team makes sure to take the time out to educate and inspire the parents and guardians of the students as well. They give them tips on how to help their students best prepare for college, educate them on all the ways to pay for college, and so much more. As a parent I walked away inspired to keep my kids on track for their college years.

8 Memorable Quotes From Disney Dreamers

  • “You’ll always sabotage moments you don’t think you deserve.”
  • “Accept that you belong.”
  • “Respond to your destiny moments by taking advantage .”
  • “You have to get comfortable with doing things that are inconvenient.”
  • “Gratitude coats your mind from negativity.”
  • “Don’t let your child lose hope. Help them keep their dream alive.”
  • “If you allow your situations to define you, they will.”
  • “I discovered my greatest gift in my darkest moments.”
Disney Dreamers Academy celebrity guests
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5 Reasons Your Teen Should Apply

If you have a teen age 13-19, definitely encourage them to apply. This unforgettable experience can help them grow in more ways than you can imagine. I had a chance to chat with some of the Dreamers at DDA and they were so grateful for the experience. If your teen isn’t convinced after seeing the footage from DDA, here’s a few reasons that might spark their interest.

  1. Classroom deep dives hone in on the students career of interest providing education that is priceless.
  2. It’s a networking experience that you can’t get anywhere else.
  3. Disney Dreamers Academy has a Speakers Resource Group made up of celebrities and noted professionals who serve as year-round ambassadors for Disney Dreamers Academy. They also serve as the panel judges for the applications. Some of the speakers include Terrence J, Mikki Taylor, Dr. Steve Perry, Yolanda Adams, Jonathan Sprinkles and more.
  4. You’re given an opportunity to interact with Disney executives and industry professionals during the Dreamer Career Open Mouse Expo.
  5. You get a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore the parks with 99 other students who are just as passionate about their future as you are.
Disney Dreamers Academy Deep Dives
(Todd Anderson, photographer)

How to Apply

Students apply by answering a series of essay questions about their personal stories, the influential people in their lives and their dreams for the future. The final 100 participants are selected by a panel of judges.

Applications are being accepted from March 21, 2019 to October 31, 2019. Students can apply online here or via mail by downloading an application here.

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