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Things have been nothing short of crazy in my house since I started a new job. Getting our morning routine down has been a struggle. One thing that I find helps us speed things up in the morning is putting together looks the night before or even on the weekend. It makes it easier for Tatiana to put her clothes on while I’m getting dressed when the looks are already put together. This look is one of the cutest one that we put together for the week. I picked out everything but the cardigan. Tatiana insisted on wearing it even though it’s a million degrees outside, but who was I to argue with her because it added something extra cute to her look.

What are some things you do to speed up your routine in the morning?

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    06.23.15 at 2:27 pm

    She’s adorable! I can’t get my daughter to wear her Chuck Taylor’s for anything! I think they are such a staple item to have in anyone’s closest!

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