9 Gifts Under $60 That He’ll Love

9 Gifts Under $60 That He'll Love | Elle B Styles

The Mr’s birthday is coming up and I’m so excited because I love birthdays! Wrapping gifts, planning parties, cake baking, you name it… I think I’m actually more excited than him, but I’m such a horrible gift buyer if I don’t plan ahead. I’ve been asking Tatiana for weeks what she wants to buy her dad. The only answers I get are toys for herself. She even wants to make him a princess birthday cake. Go figure! So, I figured that I would put together this savvy little gift guide to keep myself on track. These are all gifts that he would love!

1. Belt | 2. Cuff Links | 3. Portable Charger |4. Cell Phone Camera Lens | 5. Shot Glass |6. Socks | 7. Button Covers | 8. Portable Speaker | 9. Wallet

How soon in advance do you shop for gifts? Do you plan in advance or do you just buy whatever you see in the store?

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