6 Reasons Why The Mazda3 is Perfect For First Time Drivers

Mazda3 Review | Elle B Styles | Orlando Blogger I remember learning to drive like it was yesterday. It was a super scary thing but a rite of passage that I couldn’t wait to get. My very first car was my baby. I never went anywhere without and we shared lots of great memories together. But let me tell you, getting into accidents sucked. My first car didn’t have all of the fancy features that cars have today and let’s be real, as a teenager you’re not focused on safety all of the time.

Remember when I tested out this Mazda? Well, a few weeks ago, I got to test drive the 2016 Mazda3 and thought “this is the perfect car for first time drivers.”

 Why you ask? For these simple reasons:

1. It is the perfect size. The Mazda3 is the perfect size for teens. It’s not too big and not too small. Learning how to man the road in the right size vehicle is important. Once you get the handle of driving then you can always upgrade to a larger vehicle later. The size of the Mazda3 allows for up to 5 passengers and has more than enough space to hold any sports equipment in the trunk or even a few speakers if your teen loves loud music. Oh, and let’s not forget that the average size of the Mazda3 make it easier to clean and maintain because we all know that teens hate to clean anything. Rated Top IIHS safety pick in 2015

2. Rated top IIHS safety pick in 2015 and 5-star NHTSA safety rating
There’s no higher rating than that my friends. If you’re worried about your teen being safe you won’t have to worry about them in the Mazda3. All of the safety features in this car are amazing! The car boasts a rear camera with backing alert, radar cruise control with close proximity warning, smart city brake support, blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning system, adaptive front-lighting system, and forward obstruction warning. All of these features make it easier for someone who is just learning how to drive. There are tons of alerts that will help your teen be more aware about what is happening in their surroundings while driving and will help you to be at peace when they’re driving alone.

3. It can navigate you anywhere. The Mazda3 is equipped with a navigation system that can help you find your way to any destination. This system can help steer your teen away from using the GPS on their cell phones and focusing more on the road. The navigation system will announce the directions and even reroute them if they make a wrong turn.

4. The music is on point! Ok so maybe this isn’t a concern of yours as a parent but as a teen this is so important. The car is equipped with a Bose® Surround Sound system and Sirius XM radio. With both of these combined, your teen is guaranteed to never get bored with the music selection and sound. And if you just so happen to be in the car with them, you can listen to any station of choice.

5. You will save on gas. With the revolutionary SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY, not only will you save on gas but you will get better performance out of the car. The Mazda3 gets an estimated 40 hwy MPG. That’s amazing!

6. It’s affordable.With a starting price of $17,485 the Mazda3 is affordable for all budgets.

What are some things you look for in a car?

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