Why We Created Mamas of The NICU


Most of you have heard about the new project that my husband and I are currently working on called Mamas of The NICU. I wanted to create something where moms could document their thoughts, feelings, and memories during their time in the NICU. The idea came to me a few months into our NICU stay so I decided to create a journal just for NICU moms. At first it was just that, a journal and nothing more, but the longer we were there the more I realized that something is lacking. NICU moms are special and there are so many things that we need that our friends and family don’t realize.

After becoming a NICU mom, I realized that not one single person in my circle could understand what I was going through. They knew Tristan was a preemie but they had no idea the physical, mental, and emotional toll that being in the NICU takes on a mom. No one ever said the right thing. Quite honestly, people only said things that were disrespectful and rude. I remember the day after Tristan was born and we had visitors. The first thing that came out of their mouth was “why does your stomach look so big?” Well, probably because I just had a baby 6 weeks early unexpectedly and he’s only a day old. At the time I didn’t think much of it because I was so tired and an emotional wreck but now months later I realized that our society needs to know the right things to say to NICU moms.

Our goal with Mamas of The NICU is not only to educate friends and families of NICU moms but to also create a safe place where NICU moms can seek comfort, knowledge, and understanding from graduate and fellow NICU moms. We had originally only planned to do this through a line of products that could help moms through their journey, a blog, and a private Facebook group for the moms but after losing Tristan God has continuously been speaking to me about our plans.

Now, we are taking the steps to form Mamas of The NICU as a non-profit organization. The urge to give back with this project has been strong and it’s something that we can no longer ignore. Not only are we moving towards becoming a non-profit but we are also creating an uplifting podcast that we will launch soon.

We’re making the right steps to create something great and give back in Tristan’s honor, and we hope that you will want to be a part of it. Find out how to get involved here.

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